The firm is easily accessible through the following incoming telephone lines, 2248579, 0722 299988, 0737 611139 and a fax line 2250261. The firm is also connected to the internet and has an email address and a website

We have office messengers who deliver mail within Nairobi area during working hours. We employ the services of reputable courier services, for out of town or international deliveries.


The firm maintains both Client and Office Accounts with NIC Bank.


Upon conclusion of a matter, the outcome will be communicated to the client with advice as to the next course of action, if any.

The firm will then account for all monies paid to it, return all original documents unless requested to retain them. We will store all files free of charge up to 6 years. Should we be required to retain the original documents, the same shall be stored with our bank at a handling fees as may be advised by the bank. Clients will be advised to periodically revisit their completed matters to ascertain if there is any need for updating the same should there be changed in Law or a lapse in the obligations set out therein.