Our Strength

We have a strong commitment to clients we serve in the industry and the sectors we represent. We focus the firm’s resources towards developing products and service delivery, which add value to their business.

Expeditious and satisfactory delivery of services is our key commitments in our work. We are committed to accomplishing legal assignments within the specific needs of a client and at the most affordable cost. We have put in place an effective task-turn-around-time policy in our operations.

We have a grasp of the special needs of our overseas clients. We therefore have collaborative assistance from other professional consultants and experts in various fields, investigators and research assistants from whom we draw knowledge on a need to need basis. Were & Oonge Advocates is therefore capable of offering precise and expert legal advice over a range of specialist practice areas.

We place special emphasis to continuing education for both the Advocates and the subordinate staff to ensure a flow of fresh ideas and improved understanding of the over-changing needs of our clients.

Communication is essential tool in modern commercial transactions. We are fully computerised and our computer system is fully networked. This provides easy office inter-communication within the firm and it improves our efficiency. A dedicated high speed line for Internet connectivity ensures that we are continuously online.

We have an equipped library and access to subscriber legal resource organisations such as Law Africa. This ensures that we have ready access to current and relevant legal materials as required for an efficient and competent delivery of legal services.

We have a professional indemnity insurance cover that protects our clients against any loss that may arise in the course of legal services rendered by the firm. Our clients therefore engage us with minimal risk of loss.

The partners and associate advocates are members of local professional organisations which offer a source of intellect from which our clientele stands to benefit. The firm is also affiliated to other law firms in the region ensuring that we keep abreast of the ever-changing legal trends.