Legal Fees

We charge legal fees in conformity with the prescribed provisions under the Advocates Remuneration Order under the Advocates Act (Cap 16 Laws of Kenya). We however may enter into an agreement with a client on the fee payable for matters that do not proceed to litigation and for matters requiring Legal Opinions, Arbitrations, and for Negotiations on behalf of the Client. In the event of such a scenario, the firm will raise its fees depending on time spent and invested, the urgency, value, complexity and intricacy of the matter.

Conveyances, Estate matters and Litigation will attract fees based on the Advocates Remuneration Order, under the Advocates Act (Cap 16 Laws of Kenya).

Disbursements will in all cases be charged based on reasonable prevailing costs of stationery, courier and postage, telephone, facsimile, swearing/oaths, process service and agency Advocates. The firm will require the client to pay a deposit of fees to defray initial disbursements. Credit for this amount will be given when a final fee note is raised.

The deposit is received on the understanding that the client will settle the final fee note promptly. This firm reserves the right to discontinue its services to a client when no fees are paid, and to levy interest in accordance with the provisions of the Advocates Remuneration Order.